About Rocky

Rocky Walls has one simple belief that sits at the intersection of his personal and professional life: people need connections and the best ones come from communication that’s real and simple. We’re not even talking about video (yet), but about the way that two people can lock into each other when they just say what they mean as simply as they can.

So whether Rocky is preparing for a speaking engagement or consulting with a client at 12 Stars Media, he’s focused on clarity and simplicity.

Throw out your marketing buzzwords, forget about all the tech that’s involved with video production, and ask yourself these questions: What am I trying to say, and why does anybody care? Rocky is working to drive this point home. In every professional endeavor, it’s his mission to connect people with real and simple communication.

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    Finding Long-term Balance as an Entrepreneur

    One of the greatest challenges with starting and running your own business is finding balance. All my life I’ve had the same kind of best friend, and during my high school years one of them summed up our relationship saying, “If it weren’t for you, Rocky, I would spend my life in my basement never […]

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    Behind the Scenes Video from a Different Angle – #VideoPepTalk

    “I had no idea.” “Show me more.” “Whoa! That’s impressive!” These are the types of reactions you should expect from a viewer when you share a behind the scenes video. So, why do some behind the scenes videos fall flat? What can you do to make sure your viewer feels like he’s got a VIP […]

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    We’re Going to Disney World! – An Open Letter to My Team at 12 Stars Media

    Dear Team, I might be crazy. Nearly everyone I’ve told has looked at me in wide-eyed disbelief when I said, “I am taking our entire team to Walt Disney World.” But, you know what? This is why we started 12 Stars Media in 2007 – so we could be our own kind of crazy. Zach […]