Fun Photos and Video from #RaganDisney – Social Media for Marketing and PR Conference

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Last week two of my favorite things collided for the first time – connecting people and Disney. I had the honor of presenting a session on video communications at Ragan’s second annual Social Media for Marketing and PR conference at Walt Disney World Resort.

Candidio, our video production platform, sponsored the event and gave away an impressive (if I do say so myself) video production kit.

There were some early mornings…

and late nights…

but through it all I suppose you could say we maintained exceptional “character.”

In demonstrating the capabilities of Candidio, we even produced a short, fun video montage during the event. The attendees viewed the video on the final day of the conference and, though it was no Frozen, everyone loved the storyline of the ducklings and laughed hard at the funny moments they shared together.

I know our team is already looking forward to next year, but until then we are going to “go after that mama duck” which, for us, means telling more stories that really connect with people. “People connect with people, not logos,” wisely stated Thomas Smith, Director of Social Media for Disney Parks. His statement summed up one of our key takeaways from speakers representing big brands like Disney and Coca-Cola, that is, to find stories that people genuinely care about and tell them in an exciting, connective way.

What stories have you recently connected with on the web? Share your experiences in the comments!

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